Magazine scoring in the Ministry of Science and Higher Education is 5 points, and in ICV 2017 – 104.04 points. 

The articles published in "Przegląd Papierniczy" are documented in: PAPERCHEM, CAS – Chemical Abstract, BAZTECH, Index Copernicus.
Articles are published both in Polish and English as well as bilingually. 

We invite authors to publish in our monthly.

Guidelines for authors of scientific and research articles to “Przegląd Papierniczy”

The article in English should contain:
- Title
- Name and surname of the Author (s)
- Abstract and keywords
- The content of the article divided into sub-titles, e.g. introduction, purpose and methods, methodology and scope of research, experimental part, summary, conclusions
- Information about the Author (s): academic title, affiliation with the address and e-mail
- Tables, drawings (photographs) with subtitles
- Literature should be given in so-called Chicago style.

Chicago-style references follow the rules listed below:
1. The title "Bibliography" ("Literature", "References") is centered on the column;
2. The format of the bibliography:
[1] Name of the author of the publication, Name. The year of publishing. "Title". Journal volume (notebook): pages.
[1] Kawalewski Krzysztof. 2013. "Application of genetic algorithms in the optimization of the control of working movements of a bridge crane". Industrial Transport and Work Machines 19 (1): 37-41.
3. Entries (literature items) are arranged in alphabetical order;
4. Subsequent entries are separated from each other by one line (verse);
5. The first line of each entry is aligned to the left margin, and each subsequent verse has a space of five spaces from the left margin.
6. The bibliography is at the very end of the entire text.

Please send the articles via e-mail to

The submission by the author of the article for publication involves the obligation that the Author wrote a work which he had not published before and did not dispose the property rights to the article.

The Editors inform that phenomena such as: ghostwriting (which we deal with when someone made a significant contribution to the creation of a scientific article without disclosing their participation as one of the authors) and guest authorship (which occurs when the author's participation is insignificant or it did not appear at all) did not take place, and yet it is the author / co-author of the article) are a manifestation of scientific misconduct, and any detected cases of these phenomena will be disclosed, including notification of relevant entities (including institutions employing authors).

Therefore, the authors of scientific articles publishing in "Przegląd Papierniczy" are required to disclose the contribution of individual authors in the publication (with their affiliation and contribution, i.e. who is the author of the concepts, assumptions, methods, etc. used in the preparation of the publication) with the author reporting the article being the primary responsibility.

Criteria for qualifying or rejecting publications
The original publication sent to the editorial team of “Przegląd Papierniczy” and forwarded to the Reviewer must correspond to the profile of this journal, it must have a scientific apparatus, literature on the subject and meet the criteria of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education defining a scientific article as: the article presenting the results of original empirical, theoretical, technical or analytical containing the title of the publication, names of the authors and presenting the current state of knowledge, research methodology, the course of the research process, its results and conclusions with quoted literature (bibliography). Scientific articles also include monographic, polemical or review publications published in scientific journals, as well as legal opinions or comments.

The written review contains the Reviewer's request regarding the conditions for the admission of a scientific article for publication or its rejection. It is presented to the Author of the publication (without providing the name of the reviewer) in order to respond.